The Ethics Review under the Magnifying Glass

16.09.2020, :

The main target group are project officers, ethics experts, and beneficiaries.

The aim of the workshop is to reflect on ethics of innovation, barriers in implementation and delivery of ethics requirements, as well as the differences between theory and practice in the implementation of ethics.

Eureka offered to be a case study in the PRO-Ethics project because of its expertise in managing and handling the “Ethics Review” for its major funding programme: Eurostars 2. The Ethics Review is a unique tool ensuring that project proposals funded under the Eurostars 2 programme are compliant with main ethical principles and international/EU and national legislation.
In the context of PRO-Ethics, the Ethics Review plays an important role, as it offers a special focus on the ethical participation of research participants (adults, children, vulnerable populations, patients,etc.) in funded research projects.

Eureka’s role is to investigate and collect quantitative and qualitative inputs and insights on the value of the Ethics Review from our main stakeholders: ethics experts, Eurostars beneficiaries and national project coordinators.
We started our work a few months ago, collecting beneficiaries’ and experts’ opinions using surveys, and then analysing the relevant information and data in our database. Eureka’s final step is to host a workshop that will serve as a last discussion platform to share ideas on the Ethics Review in Eurostars and other major funding programmes, like those under Horizon 2020. The workshop will be a great opportunity to gather stakeholders that play an important role in the Eurostars programme who rarely have the chance to meet and discuss face-to-face at the same table. We have selected a heterogeneous group of stakeholders composed of two national project coordinators, four Eurostars beneficiaries, two ethics experts and two Eureka officers.