Launch of our E-Consultation

PRO-Ethics is working on an ethics framework to help research funding organizations organize ethical stakeholder participation. With this consultation, we hope to receive input that helps us further improve the framework.

The consultation is made up of two parts: A survey and an open annotation process.

The survey offers three questions regarding challenges that funding organizations may experience when organizing stakeholder participation. We would like to better understand whether other funding organizations also recognize these experiences, and what other obstacles could impede an ethical participatory process.

In the open annotation process, we present the core of the ethics framework, i.e., Part II: Tools & Guidelines. This document gives a brief introduction and offers six main questions designed to guide funding organizations in designing, implementing, and evaluating participatory processes.

You can read the document and provide us with comments and suggestions for improvement here:

E-Consultation »

You can read the current draft of the Ethics Framework in its entirety here:

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