Second General Assembly Meeting

In early December 2020, all partners of the PRO-Ethics project met online for the second general assembly meeting. This event also marked the first official meeting of the consortium with the PRO-Ethics Advisory Board.

While we looked at the accomplishments of the first year of the project, the room for improvement, and the tasks still ahead of us, the centrepiece of the meeting was the Discourse Workshop. Organised in the context of Work Package 1, this workshop was designed to discuss the frame, contents and main orientations of the Ethics Framework 0.1 (D1.4).

This “Draft Framework” constitutes the core output of both WP1 and the first phase of the PRO-Ethics project as a whole. As such, it was important to gather feedback from all partners as well as the experts of the Advisory Board at this crucial point in its development. As part of the Discourse Workshop, the consortium worked on stabilising a taxonomy of participation actors and activities, which also served the important purpose of approaching a common understanding of terminologies to be used in future project communication.
Our partners at SciencesPo presented a year’s worth of hard work, culminating in a tentative structure for the tools and guidelines of the Draft Framework. This enabled the consortium to discuss in greater detail their needs in such a framework, to be integrated in the first draft at the beginning of 2021.

We are looking ahead with anticipation at the next three years of the PRO-Ethics project. The Ethics Framework 0.1 will be a large step towards accomplishing our objectives, to enable better and more ethical participation processes in future research funding activities, for the benefit of stakeholders across the EU and beyond.