First collaborative workshop with TAFTIE members

To foster collaboration between the PRO-Ethics consortium and the TAFTIE network, a series of two collaborative workshops was designed. These events are meant to introduce the ethics frameworks carried out by PRO-Ethics and to strengthen the ethical participative processes within research funding organisations (RFOs) across Europe.

The first of these workshops was held online on 12. May 2022. With four of the PRO-Ethics RFO partners and 11 TAFTIE member representatives participating, a total of 17 stakeholders actively engaged in the interactive event, covering a wide range of countries across Europe.

After a short welcome and introduction to the workshop and the PRO-Ethics project, the participants got an insight into the different real pilot activities, with RFO partners giving detailed presentations of their experiences with participatory pilot activities. They were also able to ask questions and make suggestions about the ideas, and potential possibilities and national differences were discussed together. The following pilot topics were presented:

i. Evaluation of the social impact of the NEOTEC programme from a participative approach (CDTI Spain)

ii. New modes of engaging citizens in topic identification and programme design (VDI/VDE-IT Germany)

iii. Citizen participation learning hub (RCN Norway)

iv. Citizen participation in topic definition (FFG Austria)

ilse Marschalek and Maria Schrammel from the ZSI team designed and moderated the workshop.

Part 2 of the series will focus on the ethics framework applied in the pilots. It offers room for interactive exchange and in-depth discussion of the ethics framework and its practical implementation by European Research Funding Organisations. It will take place on November 3rd, 2022 (again, online).

By PRO-Ethics partner ZSI
Photo: PRO-Ethics

Published 19.08.2022