PRO-Ethics aims to create a significant impact on innovation ethics through its processes and products by employing the strategic positions and strengths of the PRO-Ethics project partners.

The major expected impact of PRO-Ethics is to enable and facilitate a more effective handling of the ethical dimension of innovation, in particular regarding new modes of interaction and novel participation configurations.

Impact can be traced in the mid-term through the following quantified key-performance indicators (KPIs):

  • RFOs from 15 European countries endorse the PRO-Ethics framework at project end

  • 1000s of innovation projects and dozens of strategy and programme development processes and evaluations have benefited from applying the PRO-Ethics framework

  • 11 pilots in 8 partnering RFOs have worked with hundreds of non-traditional stakeholders.

We are aware that impact is only generated when the PRO-Ethics deliberations and results are taken up and used by the target groups. The main target group of the PRO-Ethics Framework is included in the consortium, but PRO-Ethics aims to facilitate use far beyond the consortium. To enhance the likelihood of impact, PRO-Ethics:

  • works directly with users within the project by involving eight Research and Innovation (R&I) funding agencies with billions in R&I funding budget from all over Europe, as well as EUREKA and EUREC Office

  • includes key stakeholders from economy, society, policy-making, R&I ethics and R&I funding in co-creation, dialogue and reflection formats as well as in the pilot cases themselves

  • reaches out through various communication channels as well as multiplicators to a wider relevant public across and beyond Europe, including municipalities, international organisations and ethics experts and RFOs from all over the world.
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