The conference featured three keynote speeches and two plenary panels with voices of experienced experts on the two main topics of the conference: 1) supporting citizen science in the social sciences and humanties and 2) participatory approaches to funding. Both panels and all three keynotes will be streamed on YouTube channel and the recordings can be found here .

Keynotes Speakers

Katja Mayer , University of Vienna, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)
Katja is a sociologist and works at the interface of science, technology and society. Since 2019, she is also working as senior postdoc with the Elise Richter Fellowship (FWF) at the Department of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on the interaction between social science methods and their public spheres. Her focus is on the cultural, ethical and socio-technical challenges at the interface of computer science, social sciences and society.

Morgan Meyer , Mines Paris - PSL
Morgan is a sociologist, CNRS Research Director at the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation. His research focuses on the production of knowledge and technology outside or at the boundaries of scientific institutions. His research concentrates on three main topics: 1) participation and co-production of knowledge (natural history, do-it-yourself biology, open source agriculture, low tech), 2) new configurations and communities in biology (synthetic biology, gene editing), 3) intermediation, translation and representation of knowledge.

Marzia Mazzonetto , Stickydot
Marzia is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stickydot, a Brussels collective with expertise on multi-stakeholder engagement in research and innovation. With a background in social sciences and science journalism, Marzia’s main areas of expertise are developing methodologies that support multi-stakeholder engagement. She is passionate about sustainable and inclusive co-creation processes leading to social innovation and participatory policies.

Plenary Panels

What does it take to make citizen science grow? Models and experiences in support of participatory practices.

Moderated by Alessia Smaniotto , EHESS, COESO Coordinator

Annelies Duerinckx , Scivil
Martine Legris , Université de Lille
Nel Coleman , University of Edinburgh Library
Muki Haklay , ECSA, Université Paris Cité/ Learning Planet Institute, ECS - European Citizen Science project/EU-Citizen.Science

When funding agencies do stakeholder participation: Aspirations and ethical implications

Moderated by Margaret Gold , Leiden University Citizen Science Lab

Juliana Chaves Chaparro , UNESCO
Robert Gianni , Maastricht University
Anne-Floor Schölvinck , Rathenau Institut
James Morris , Science Europe

Parallel Sessions

Session 1.1

✦ Session 1.1A
Participatory practices and local engagement: the role of community-based organisations

Session collaborators:

Muki Haklay , Université Paris Cité/ Learning Planet Institute
Alexandra Albert , Nesta, Centre for Collective Intelligence Design
Sara Dewachter , University of Antwerp
Kelly Achenbach , Max Weber Stiftung

✦ Session 1.1B
Stakeholder participation in R&I and citizen science: opportunities and responsibilities from a policy perspective


Marina Angelaki , University of Peloponnese (MODERATOR)
Ana Persic , UNESCO Open Science Team
Moritz Müller , Bürger schaffen Wissen
René von Schomberg , Aachen University of Technology
Krista Varantola , ALLEA, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

✦ Session 1.1C
Participatory evaluation and self-assessment applied to citizen science

Session collaborators:

Dominique Boullier , Sciences Po, COESO project
Jessica Pidoux , Sciences Po, PersonalData.IO, COESO project
Barbara Kieslinger , ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
Florence Belaen , Université Lumière Lyon 2

✦ Session 1.1D
From experimental support services for participatory research to institutional citizen science hubs

Session collaborators:

Nel Coleman , University of Edinburgh Library
Morgane Montagnat , Université Lumière Lyon 2 Science Shop
Aelita Skarzauskiene , Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

✦ Session 1.1E
Supporting participatory research practices in the SSH with VERA (Virtual Ecosystem for Research Activation)

Session collaborators:

Tiziana Lombardo , Net 7
Luca De Santis , Net7
Marlen Töpfer , Max Weber Stiftung

✦ Session 1.1F
Participatory research storytelling and transmedia journeys

Session collaborators:

William Costello , Freelance UX designer
Camilo Leon Quijano , CNRS/Université Aix-Marseille
Frédéric Vidal , Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

Session 2.1

✦ Session 2.1G
Co-created solutions for citizen science platforms

Session collaborators:

Tiziana Lombardo , Net7
Lucrina Stefanescu , Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca
Jorge Barba , Ibercivis
Sy Holsinger , OPERAS
Liubov Tupikana , Learning Planet Institute, Nokia Bell Labs

✦ Session 2.1H
Data justice and ethics with participatory research communities

Session collaborators:

Gefion Thuermer , King's College London
Simon Hoyte , University College London
Shubhangi Kumari , Urban Institute

✦ Session 2.1I
Participatory citizen science futures

Session Collaborators:

Alexandra Albert , Nesta, IMPETUS project

✦ Session 2.1J
Mainstreaming and strengthening citizen science: how do we develop policy engagement strategies across Europe?

Session collaborators:

Marius Oesterheld , Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

✦ Session 2.1K
Learning participatory research: creating common spaces for training and mutual learning

Session collaborators:

Martine Legris , Université de Lille/CERAPS, Science Shop Lille
Alexandra Villarroel-Parada , Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Réseau Particip-Arc
Stephanie Bost , Trait d’union, Boutique des Sciences MSH SUD
Sebastian Harnacker , TU Wien Bibliothek/Vienna Library
Cléa Montanari , Université Paris Cité/ Learning Planet Institute
Muki Haklay , Université Paris Cité/ Learning Planet Institute
Alessia Smaniotto , EHESS, COESO project

✦ Session 2.1L
Putting the PRO-Ethics framework and guidelines into practice

Session collaborators:

Stefanie Schuerz , ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
Constanze Fetting , ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
Alex Glennie , Innovation Growth Lab/Nesta
Nyangala Zolho , Innovation Growth Lab/Nesta
Lisa Häberlein , EUREC Office

Session 2.2

✦ Session 2.2FR
Transcriptions participatives: plateformes, publics, méthodes

Session collaborators:

Alyx Taounza-Jeminet , Humathèque Condorcet
Jean-Pierre Girard , Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée/Archéorient
Eva Perez , Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle/RECOLNAT

✦ Session 2.2M
Participatory inquiries: what research does to journalism, and vice versa

Session collaborators:

Mathilde Dorcadie , Cafébabel, Equal Times, Freelance journalist
Lorenzo Bagnoli , IRPI - Investigative Reporting Project Italy
Fabrice Rizzoli , Crim'HALT
Michele Riccardi , Crime&Tech, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore/Transcrime

✦ Session 2.2N
Digital humanities, citizen science and the arts: synergies towards innovative formats

Session collaborators:

Magdalene Wnuk , IBL PAN, OPERAS-PL
Clarisse Bardiot , Université Rennes 2
Chiara Girlando , EHESS

✦ Session 2.2O
Shaping participatory futures: what can funders do to facilitate meaningful participation in and with science & innovation?

Session collaborators:

Floriant Covelli , Institut français du Monde associatif
Anne-Floor Scholvinck , Rathenau Instituut
Frederike Schmitz , NWO (Dutch Research Council)
Anila Nauni , Research Council Norway
Thomas Evenson , Research Council Norway
Nyangala Zolho , Innovation Growth Lab/Nesta
Alex Glennie , Innovation Growth Lab/Nesta
Esther Baar , Rathenau Instituut

✦ Session 2.2P
Frontiers of action research with underrepresented communities

Session collaborators:

Patricia Martinez Galisteo , Fisabio Foundation
Reidun Norvoll , Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet)
Benoit Eyraud , Université Lumière Lyon 2
Bartolomeo Conti , EHESS/CEMS

✦ Session 2.2Q
Virtues and limits of current impact assessment methods: a new approach towards measuring change

Session collaborators:

Stefanie Schuerz , ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
Maria-Ascension Bajares, CDTI
Simon Apartis, CNRS/Centre Internet et société
Antonella Passani, T6 Ecosystems
Barbara Kieslinger, ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation
Session 3.1

✦ Session 3.1R
Responsive ethics and participation - current and future challenges

Session collaborators:

Bernard Reber , SciencesPo/CEVIPOF
Charlotte Bruns , Rotterdam Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Simone Driessen , Rotterdam Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Reda Cimmperman , Research Council of Lithuania
Julija Baniukevič , Research Council of Lithuania

✦ Session 3.1S
Working with vulnerable groups in innovation policy processes and citizen science formats

Session collaborators:

Adele De Stefani , Association ISRAA
Isabella Riccò , Rovira i Virgili University
Sebastian Harnacker , TU Wien Bibliothek/Vienna Library
Steph Grohmann , LBG OIS Center
Julian Stubbe , VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
Markus Gerold , VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
Bettina Schmietow , VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

✦ Session 3.1T
How to involve children in shaping our world

Session collaborators:

Lucia Ziglioli , FilosoficamenteLab
Ángel Arenas , Giant Interactive Maps
Frida Sanga , Aqua Farms Organization
Isabelle Dufrene , School teacher, member of the Direction du numérique pour l’éducation

✦ Session 3.1U
River Health – Citizen Science to monitor environmental policies

Session collaborators:

Simone Berk , DLR-PT
Enock Kiminta (online contribution), Kenya National Association of Water Resources Users Association (KeNAWRUA)

✦ Session 3.1V
Créations collectives et inclusives dans des contextes locaux

Session collaborators:

Vincent Puig , IRI -- Sciences participatives et recherche contributive dans le champs de l'alimentation à Saint-Denis
Yahya Al-Abdullah , EHESS -- A memory for the Future
Thomas Tari , SciencesPo/médialab -- Le champ des possibles, une enquête collective à Sevran
Robin de Mourat , SciencesPo/médialab -- Le champ des possibles, une enquête collective à Sevran
Clémence Seurat , SciencesPo/médialab -- Le champ des possibles, une enquête collective à Sevran

Session 3.2

✦ Session 3.2W
Dancing Philosophy / Dansophie: atelier de danse et de philosophie

Session collaborators:

Stefania Ferrando , Université Côte d'Azur
Cosetta Graffione , Cadmium Compagnie

✦ Session 3.2X
A town by the sea: gaming climate change

Session collaborators:

Lucija Klaric , Culture Hub Croatia
Marina Batinic , Culture Hub Croatia

✦ Session 3.2Y
Establishing trust and applying tools for community engaged research, policy, and practice

Session collaborators:

Elsa Falkenburger , Urban Institute
Teresa Deubelli-Huang , IIASA | International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

✦ Session 3.2Z
When participatory approaches inspire new formats for communicating science

Session collaborators:

Ayda Cecilia Padilla López , Universidad de Guadalajara
Mathilde Dorcadie , Freelance Journalist, Equal Times
Francesca Festa , Co-Founder of Ereb Media and Sphera Network
Alessia Smaniotto , EHESS, COESO and PLACES projects coordinator