Ethics Framework and Ethical Guidelines

Our final version of the Ethics Framework is now available in a user-friendly format.

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Policy Brief 2:
Learning from the RFO Pilots

The research funding organisations (RFOs) of PRO-Ethics are implementing ten pilots to explore participatory approaches in RFO activities. While adding value by obtaining relevant inputs from citizens and stakeholders not normally included in such processes, these pilots also enhance the RFOs' competence with participation processes and inform future activities.

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PRO-Ethics Project Poster

This project poster gives a compact and accessible overview of the PRO-Ethics project, including the main goals and overall project timeline.

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Ethics Framework 0.1 and Guidelines

The Ethics Framework 0.1 is the first main operational outcome of the PRO-Ethics project, offering a set of reflections, tools and criteria to assess the ethical aspects of novel interaction modes in research and innovation activities. This first version of the Ethics Framework of PRO-Ethics is meant to be empirically tested and further improved in the course of the next two and half years, both within the PRO-Ethics Pilots, and beyond, gathering feedback from civil society, industry representatives, researchers, research funding organisations, research and innovation institutions, and all public or private stakeholders that may find an interest in the development of guidelines and criteria in view of designing and implementing ethical participatory processes.

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Policy Brief 1:
Putting Citizens at the Centre of Research and Innovation

To meet societal challenges and secure a sustainable and resilient future, large scale innovation and a drive for improvement are needed. Public participation offers important benefits when developing new solutions. Preliminary results from PRO-Ethics emphasises the need for a common ethical foundation when involving citizens and stakeholders in innovation processes.

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Summary and Evaluation Reports on Pilot I Results

How can research funding organisations (RFOs) involve citizens in ethically sound ways, to allow for mutually enriching processes and more sustainable outcomes of research and innovation endeavours? Throughout 2020, the RFO partners of PRO-Ethics spent considerable time sharing and exchanging their experiences from four participatory pilots of our “pilot phase I”. We are excited to share our learnings from one year of PRO-Ethics.

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Results of Workshop 1 with Ethics Committees and Research Integrity Bodies

Effective stakeholder engagement is essential if PRO-Ethics is to have lasting, sustainable impact. D4.3 describes the results of PRO-Ethics’ initial steps to engage a key set of stakeholders, namely ethics committees and research integrity bodies. The document presents findings from a set of interviews and a workshop conducted between July and September 2020. The interviews and the workshop generated a rich set of ideas and questions to be addressed within PRO-Ethics, as well as important gaps where PRO-Ethics can make a novel contribution to the field of citizen participation in research and innovation activities.

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Paper Manuscript on Participatory Practices
and Ethics Issues in Innovation

In the course of PRO-Ethics’ exploration of participatory practices in innovation processes, the Theoretical framework (D1.2) is the first publicly disseminated systemic study of PRO-Ethics, setting the ground of the PRO-Ethics project’s rationale. This study offers a critical review of literature and practices related to ethics and participatory practices in innovation, defining the framing of ethics of participation applied to innovation processes.

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List of Events

This deliverable lists all events organised in the course of the PRO-Ethics project and is updated periodically.

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PRO-Ethics Project Handbook

The PRO-Ethics Project Handbook was written as part of WP7 (Project Management and Coordination). It describes in detail all tasks and responsibilities of the different work packages and includes a timeline for each. It also lays out quality guidelines and the review process of all project outputs.

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PRO-Ethics Project Flyer

This project flyer gives a compact and accessible one page overview of the PRO-Ethics project.

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